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User reviews
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Thank you for the recommendation of OnycoSolve! Finally I got rid of mould on feet and I am not ashamed to take off my shoes on a visit any more. By now I have avoided all the situations when I had to take off my shoes- I felt embarrassed because my feet stank. I have tried a lot of creams, ointments and sprays and only OnycoSolve have solved my trouble.

I spend long days behind the wheel and all the time I have closed shoes, so my feet do not air all day. That´s why they smell, when I take my shoes off after all day. I can´t stand the smell myself, let alone my wife. I always have to go right after work to the bathroom to wash my feet. I am still doing it now, but just for a better feeling- my feet do not stink anymore.  OnycoSolve eliminated sweating and feet smell and now I can take off my shoes in the evening without worries.

I always suffered from dry and cracked skin on feet. It hurt. Until my friend advised me to use OnycoSolve. Thanks to this spray I finally have smooth skin pleasant to touch without itching and burning.

Thanks to OnycoSolve I finally know what it is like to have nice feet that are not cracked and painful to touch. I have got rid of unpleasant feet smell and I still use OnycoSolve from time to time as prevention, even if it might not be necessary. After spraying I always feel pleasurable cooling on soles and whole feet.

I used to have really nasty, yellow and mouldy feet. When I went to the pool I was afraid they´d show me out and forbid me to bath. Since I came across this miraculous spray, I am not afraid at all and I don´t feel ashamed to show my feet anywhere. Fungus disappeared and my nails are beautiful and neat. Thanks!

OnycoSolve helped me against sleepless nights. I could not sleep until now as my cracked feet hurt, but now I have no troubles anymore. It was enough to use OnycoSolve for a short time and now I have it just for sure. Skin disorders do not return and I am very happy.

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