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How to use

How to use
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It is recommended to use the product three times a day. First wash the skin on feet and dry it thoroughly. On the way without access to bathroom, wipe your skin with wet clothes or clean it using a tissue. The product should be always applied on clean and dry skin.

After unpacking, remove the cover cap, target the spray on clean feet and spray OnycoSolve onto the entire surface of cleaned feet. Gently massage the preparation into the skin and nails. Apply on whole soles, toes and instep even on healthy areas without fungus. The fungus can be hidden in parts of the skin where you cannot see it- it is not developed and advanced yet. Therefore apply the spray on the entire feet from your ankles downwards.

OnycoSolve spray against fungus and feet sweating is suitable for all almost without exception. The only exception represents a small group of people who are allergic to any of the ingredients- tea tree oil, garden angelica, salvia or oak bark extract.

In case of adverse reactions after application always seek a medical help and consult further use.

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