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OnycoSolve is available in the form of handy spray with a disperser for easy application. The disperser is covered with a transparent lid which prevents the ingress of impurities that could endanger the product quality.

There are practical double-packs and three-packs on the market it means you can get two or three sprays of your choice at a discount within one order. Thus you will have enough remedy to treat your disorders and save money compared to purchase of individual packs.

The product consists of garden angelica, tea  tree oil, salvia and oak bark extract. Thanks to these natural ingredients, OnycoSolve is very skin-friendly.

Garden angelica

Garden angelica is herb used for several hundred years. It works as antirheumatic agent, has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect and plays very important role in the treatment of fungi and infections.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory effects and that´s why it is widely used in medicine for suppression and complete elimination of fungi. At the same time, it also provides antimicrobial effect and significantly reduces itching and burning.


Salvia is a versatile herb regarding its use. It has therapeutic effects and moreover it is used in perfumery. It has an outstanding pleasant smell and antibacterial as well as disinfecting effects. As it is contained in the product in the form of oil, it absorbs deeply into the skin and immediately reduces and heals skin cracking and smoothes the skin.

Oak bark extract

Oak bark extract eliminates unpleasant odour of the skin created due to sweating and helps to heal the cracked skin. It contains substances with anti-inflammatory effect and has a positive influence on the skin quality.

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